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Rates & Terms

For Working With Me


"Quality isn't expensive --

it's priceless!"

- Bob Proctor



I try to make our working together as smooth and enjoyable an experience as possible – for both of us!


Getting on my calendar requires two things:


A conversation to discuss your project, your copy needs, and how I can best help you (after which I will send you a proposal listing work to be done, fees, start and completion dates, etc.).


A deposit of 50% of the project total (with the remainder being due upon delivery of your finished copy) on any project in excess of $1,000. Any projects which come to $1,000 or less MUST be paid in full, upfront. (See  below for how you can shave hundreds of dollars or more off your bill.)


You have a further 30 days from the date of receiving your copy to review it, test it, and request any changes at no charge. (After this period, you may have to pay for changes - it just depends on their scope, and each situation is considered on its own merits.)


Preferred payment method is through PayPal. Any checks must clear my bank before being considered “paid” and your project being scheduled … and this can take a couple weeks, when drawn on a foreign bank. Canadians can also pay by e-mail transfer.


You can SAVE 5% OFF your project total when you pay in full, up front. (Just let me know you want to take advantage of this opportunity.)


Please understand:


Each project is different, and until we’ve discussed YOURS, it’s impossible for me to give you an exact figure for some items because it depends on such factors as what I’m given to work with, and how much research is required. (Generally speaking, the more relevant material you can supply me, the less I have to charge.)


Also, when you have me writing multiple items (a sales page, with an opt-in, and a few e-mails, for instance) your final project total may come to less than “the sum of its parts”. (This is because copy points from one element can often be “repurposed” for another.)





The following rates do not represent every last thing I can write for you – only those you’re most likely to have a need for. Other items will be quoted after consultation.


Author's Special "Basic Book Launch Bundle": $2750

(Includes an abbreviated Sales Page, JV Partner Acquisition E-Mail, JV Partner List E-Mail, and a Newsletter Blurb in two different lengths)


Sales Letter or VSL: $4750 – $9500 plus 2% of gross sales (some projects exempt)


“Introductory” Video Script (1-5 minutes): $450 – $1750


E-Mail: (with sales letter) $350 and up … (without sales letter) $550 and up


Autoresponder Series (5-10 touches): $250 – $550 per touch


Website Copy (approx. 400-500 words per page):

Home Page $1200 - $2500

Inside Page $750 – $1500


Opt-In Page: $750 – $1500



Full-Size $750 – $1100 per page

Slim Jim $1800 – $3500


Book Back Cover: (with sales letter) $350 … (without sales letter) $850 – $1200


Case Histories: $1500 – $2500


Stick Letter: $750 – $1100


PPC Ads (no keyword research): $75 – $150 each


Postcards: $500 – $2500


Copy critique (advance review, and 1 hour phone consultation): $850

Please Note: This copy review/critique service is a special thing I do for clients who simply cannot budget for my regular rates, for one reason or another, or who are in a greater rush than my schedule can accommodate. As such, there are specific conditions involved in having me conduct one of these for you.



I’m looking forward to working with you, if possible … and helping make your project, and your business, a tremendous success! Even if you go with someone else, I want to wish you all the very best with it.


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