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Before you get in touch with me using the e-mail address below...


Here are a few things I need you to do first:


Check my rates, here ... because, although most projects end up being charged-out near the lower end of these ranges, those minimums are MINIMUMS, and already quite reasonable. So make sure you can budget for them ... otherwise, you might be better off working with a novice copywriter.


Know your competition! Yes, you DO have some – or should, at least. If you don’t, then you need to ask “Why not?”


The #1 thing you need to know is: “What makes YOUR product or service better/different (more targeted, perhaps?) than what’s already out there?"


I need to be able to differentiate your offering from the next person’s … and I don’t just pull that sort of thing out of my hiney. I'll ask you plenty of questions to draw it out ... and I'll certainly do some digging ... but, in general, the more of it YOU do, the less you have to pay me to do it.


So spend some time researching other people's websites (or their marketing materials). Ask yourself, "Does this sound like they could just as easily be talking about MY product?"


You need to give me something to work with. In spite of what some of my clients think, I am NOT a miracle-worker; I’m a salesman and a wordsmith.


Plan ahead! Try to line up your copywriter 2 or 3 months in advance - regardless whether that's me or not. This gives the two of you lots of time to brainstorm your marketing (and even your product, sometimes) … and it can save you a ton o’ cash, too. (If you call me, expecting to get copy written for a launch the next week, expect to pay a “rush” premium -- IF I can fit you in, at all.)


And if your product is a book or training course, try to have it (or as much of it as is ready) in PDF or Word format so you can send it to me when I ask for it. (Which is generally right after our first chat.)


Once that's done...


Now we're ready to talk!


When you write to me at the e-mail address below, please use your full name and the email address you check most frequently. Then tell me a little about your business, this project, and how/where you heard of me. (This is just to get us started. If we end up working together, I will have more questions for you.)


P.S -- I will never sell or rent your information! Privacy is VERY big with me. Contact me today ... and together let's explore the exciting ways we can boost your response!


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