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But Why

Should You Listen To Me?


I'm pretty sure you'd agree that any business is only as good as its ability to please its clients, and give them what they want...


And that's particularly true in this field -- you don't last long unless you "deliver the goods". (And you  wouldn't work for the same clients, year after year and project after project as I have, without knowing what you're doing!)


Since I always feel a bit awkward "blowing my own horn" though … I'd rather you heard directly from some of those clients, instead.


So please take a few minutes to go through the following comments from some of the folks I've written for, over the years.


And if any of the things that have proven important to them when working with me are also important to you...


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"From your very first conversation with Al, you know he’s different – very knowledgeable, approachable, professional, and fun to work with! When you talk, you can sense that he’s really LISTENING – not just rushing you off so he can get to his next client.


When I hired Al, I thought I was just getting a guy to write my copy. But what I got from him was SO much more. My project at that time was really just a bunch of ideas scattered all over the place. Yet, with a skill set that goes way beyond just writing, Al pulled it all together, laser-targeted for my audience, and gave me lots of great ideas for other areas of my project.


I’m looking forward to working with him a lot more in the future!"


- Kieran McDonnell

“The Irish Phoenix”



"Al, whatever you did on that upsell copy, it’s converting at 60% -- that's absolutely crazy. You rock!"


- Tim Oyler

Golf Tailor (formerly of Perfect Connection Golf Swing)

"I am VERY happy with this, Al. You've written it like I would ... but I could never write it like YOU have!"


- Bob Proctor

Master Success Coach

Author of "You Were Born Rich"

"Al is so easy to work with -- yet his copy goes straight to the heart of what encourages a person to buy. And his ideas for marketing and layout, given freely, are BRILLIANT.


I have the greatest admiration for Al's talent as a marketer and copywriter. If you truly believe in your product or service ... then I believe you deserve Al's help in marketing it!


I highly recommend him, without reservation, and frankly, I can't say that about too many people.  He's definitely a keeper!”


- Lili Fournier


The Award-Winning Quest Series on PBS

"Al is definitely solid and dependable ... and I keep utilizing his writing. That really should say it all!"


- Yanik Silver

Internationally-famous Internet entrepreneur

Host of the annual Underground Online Marketing Seminars


“Thanks for a great job, Al! You have communicated the essence of our work so clearly in ways I can feel and easily envision. It has been a pure pleasure working together with you and being sparked by your collaborative skill, and I look forward to more in the future.”


- Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BC-DMT

Co-Author of the best-selling “Conscious Loving”



"Dang you're good – simply amazing. I am TOTALLY impressed! Happy to have your service...once again.  Thanks again, Al – you are THE Master!"


"With big huge amounts of gratitude for your brilliance and talent and warmth."


"Bloody brilliant – all of it! You ARE appreciated!"


"OMG how do you live with yourself? You are amazing. You are simply absolutely utterly amazing. Do you know that? Well, I do!!! And, I'm so grateful for you."


- Peggy McColl

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and Entrepreneur


[NB: The above are just some of the many kind words from Peggy, over the years I've been writing her copy.]

“Al took me as a client as a last-minute favour to Peggy McColl. I was working on an incredibly tight schedule, and Al really came through for me ... even though he had to pull a few all-nighters, to do it. The last few mornings, I would look forward to checking my inbox to see what was there from Al – not just because his copywriting is so FANTASTIC but because he is laugh-out-loud funny.  Even through email.


I can’t over-emphasize the importance of good copy – and let me tell you, Al is the best.  He really got into my head and said exactly what I wanted ... only much better than I could ever dream of. Al actually came up with more than a few ideas that hadn't even crossed my mind. Really good ones, too!


Al is a very gifted and effective copywriter. He is able to take the most mundane piece and turn it into something sensational. If you only do one thing to improve your website or sales letter (or any other marketing you do) then you need to hire Al Henderson. His copywriting is worth every penny and more.”


- Jennifer Vokey

Internation Best-Selling Author of

       "Managing Mothering: Simple Shifts To Become The Best Mom On The Planet"

"Over the years, I have been introduced to some of the best copywriters on the planet, and spent thousands of dollars getting copy written … and yet I could not get the desired sales and revenue until I got an email from a friend saying, 'Talk to Al – he’ll turn it around for you...'


Since then, Al has written four sales letters for me, and they have all converted like gold. He is very passionate and caring … very, very reasonable … and above all, he delivers. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Al is a cut above the rest – superb. And I thank God that great copywriters like him still exist. Thank you Al, for reserving your best for me."


- Sri Vishwanath (Vish Writer)

Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author & Speaker

Mumbai, India


"I am very passionate about my work in supporting others through loss. I am also extremely particular about anyone who may be speaking on my behalf because I am careful about my tone and the language I use, and I ensure that each message I express to clients is infused with hope.


When it came time for me to hire a copywriter, I immediately contacted Al because I trusted him with what I had to say. Al wrote several sales pages for me and each one was written as though it was me speaking directly to my clients. Not only did he capture ‘my voice’ in his writing, but he conveyed it with the respect, dignity, and hopefulness that I want all my clients and future prospects to have.


I would never hesitate to recommend Al’s services to others or to contract with him in the future. It’s been a wonderful experience."


- Janelle Breese Biagioni, RPC

Grief and Loss Counsellor, and Author

“Al, thanks so much for your work on the scripts – they worked really well for our filming. You did such a great job, and I really appreciate you getting them done on time and so quickly. Thanks again.”


- Gina Hayden

VP of Operations and Events

Proctor Gallagher Institute

"Although I hate like heck encouraging anything that takes Al’s time away from my own projects … I have to be honest with you here. I don’t see how anyone can go wrong hiring Al to write their marketing copy.


His rates are extremely reasonable … and his copy is bound to boost your response and profits. (Just don’t keep him TOO busy -- I still need him!)"


- Troy White

Copywriter, Marketing Coach, and Businessman

Calgary, Alberta

"Flexible, creative and original ... Al is an exceptional sales copywriter that I would make a 'must have' as part of any  marketing campaign. He understands the client's target audience and focuses on educating them, and getting a persuasive message across.


We're still getting great results from the work he did for us a year ago!


I recommend Al to anyone ... except my competitors!"


- Trent Lee

Trent Lee, Co-Founder

Corporate Credit Concepts

Las Vegas, Nevada

“Al is super to work with. He’s incredibly thorough, and makes sure he has a complete understanding of who you are and what you are trying to accomplish before he crafts your successful campaign.


With Al's copy on my sales page, I was able to achieve International Best Seller status with my book launch … hitting #1 in my category in Canada and Germany, and #26 in the USA on I would not have known where to begin without Al.”


- Jean LaMantia

International Best-Selling Author of

“The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook”

“In this world of 'virtual' business and communication, making a first impression isn’t as easy as it is in person. We often have to rely on the written word to convey our message and set the tone.


Al Henderson has a skill like none other in ensuring your first impression is a good one. Al’s magical way with language has had a tremendous impact on my business, and in drawing new clients into my world. His copy was like opening a door and creating an invitation to participate and take action.


It is a joyous experience working with such a professional, and a genuinely great guy! (And as an added bonus, I’ve learned so much about marketing and structuring my offers, just in the course of working with Al.)”


- Cynthia Davis

Wisdom Warrior International, CEO


“Al, thanks so much for all the thought and time you have put into this project on our behalf – we are so grateful. Certainly, you are a talented writer but more than that, you are totally authentic and it shows up in your writing!”


- Jayne Blumenthal

Business Owner and Coach

"Al did a phenomenal job in producing an extremely compelling sales letter and landing page for our “Mastering the World of Selling” book promotion. It was perfectly written for our target audience of CEO's, VP's of sales, entrepreneurs, and account executives -- anyone who has to sell to survive.


The words Al wrote actually told a story that spoke directly to the reader and he touched on every aspect and challenge that sales managers and sales people have to overcome.


Then he built a compelling case on how taking action and buying our book Mastering the World of Selling could help overcome those challenges.


Of course, the real testimonial for Al's work is in the sales of the book...


“Mastering the World of Selling” was the #1 Sales book on Amazon for 7 days in row, and was voted one of the TOP FIVE sales books of 2010 by


I also have to mention that Al created this masterpiece on a very short timeline and his service and responsiveness was unwavering."


- Eric Taylor,

Co-author (with David Riklan) of “Mastering The World of Selling”

“Having worked with Al Henderson, I feel compelled to sing his praises. His work at creating the copy for my campaign was stellar. He is a sheer joy to work with -- honest and very generous. Thank you Al for your attention to detail and for staying with it until it was perfect! You are a brilliant gem.”


With Much Gratitude,

Devrah Laval

International best-selling author of “The Magic Doorway into the Divine”

“Excellent work! From beginning to end you have understood what our vision was with RoamMyHome … and really translated our thoughts into GREAT copy. Your words have even motivated us to take it to another level. Thanks again for everything, Al.”


- Dominic DiBrizzi

“You ROCK Al!!! Thank you SOOO much – this is AWESOME! You truly are brilliant!”


- Boni Lonnsbury

Author and Entrepreneur

“Anyone reading this should know that in a matter of minutes, Al can get right to the core. He was able to make a great – and strategic – suggestion for my book in less than 3 minutes. Rock on brotha!”


- Stephen Shapiro

Innovation Expert

Author of "Goal-Free Living" and the "Little Book of Big Innovation Ideas"

“Al, thanks to your help, we quickly reached #1 in sales!”


- Ping Li

Best-selling Author of "AWAKENING: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose On Earth"

"Al -- all I can say is WOW! I have tears in my eyes, having just read the beautiful emails you prepared. I know I couldn't have done these on my own, even though I'm a writer, because you've got the knack and I don't. You touched on the exact theme and mood that I wanted to convey, and I am so grateful for that.


- Evelyn Roberts Brooks

Author, Speaker, and Life Coach

"Working with Al has been a great experience. Throughout his assignment for Corporate Class Inc., it was clear that Al was giving us his best -- from the questions he asked to the tips he gave as we went along.


It was also clear that Al is a great researcher -- in his text, he embedded many important facts we had not even discussed. I was very impressed by his accuracy, and his ability to deliver on time. Most of all, Al knows how to write well and I am thrilled we connected."


- Diane Craig

Corporate Class Inc.


"I LOVE what you've created, Al! You've taken my program information, and written such delightful, compelling copy that beautifully sums-up what Diamond Leadership is all about. Reading this, I want to click the buy button myself.


I like that you questioned me way beyond my brief, and found more value to share, just by looking at the work I've done with my clients. I can't wait to launch this. You've worked quickly, and the harmonious interaction we've had throughout this project makes you such an invaluable partner. You are simply fantastic!"


- Seraphine Ruligirwa-Kamara

Author of the Diamond Leadership Program

Writer, Speaker, and Coach


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