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Allow Me To Introduce Myself


Although I'd rather be talking about you and your business...


It does help to know something of "where I come from" when I'm writing for you -- the influences that ultimately end up in your marketing copy, and what makes me uniquely qualified to help you.


So here goes...


First of all, in my world, it really is all about marketing. I live it, breathe it, love it. The one thing I get the biggest kick out of is helping people make more money in their business. BIG money, if you're up to it.


I'm a copywriter and marketing strategist -- the guy who crafts the words that sell your stuff -- with clients across Canada, the US, England, Europe, Australia, Kenya, and India ... and many years of face-to-face sales experience before ever writing a word of copy.


And for more years than I care to admit, I’ve been researching, collecting, and implementing every secret of salesmanship and persuasion I could lay my hands on … to help businesses in all areas achieve more amazing breakthroughs than you may have once thought possible.


Though I've been working primarily in the Internet Marketing sector -- especially the self-help, "new age spiritual", biz-op, and golf niches – I've never met a product I couldn't sell. (It helps that I'm a voracious reader, and a quick learner.)


With a work history that includes…

Article Writer (for international circulation magazines)

• Journeyman Professional Baker

Lumber & Pulp Industries (as both laborer and apprentice Instrumentation Mechanic)

Radio (on-air host and voice characterization)

Photographer (weddings and children’s portraits)

• Substitute Teacher

Job Placement Officer

Golf Course & Curling Rink Maintenance

Retail Sales (housewares, appliances, fragrances, and home entertainment)


And hobbies (or obsessions) such as…

Gardening and Landscaping

Home Improvement

Family History

• Community Theater

Bodybuilding know I can relate to a wide range of audiences --

yours included!


Whatever you need (and yes, I can certainly help you figure out what that might be, without wasting your money on things you DON'T need) I've likely written it, including...

Sales letters

• Opt-in (lead generation) pages

Upsells and downsells

E-mails (both one-offs and auto-responder series)

Video sales letters

• Video scripts

PPC ads

Book covers





...and more.


So when you're looking to refresh a lagging campaign, or design and write a new one ... whether you know exactly what you want, or need some help sorting out your options ... I'm here for you.


Just drop me a line so the two of us can set up a time for a quick chat about your project. Get hold of me from my Contact page.


And if you'd like to get to know me on a friendlier, less "formal" level ... then feel free to add me on Facebook. You'll find that link on my Contact page, too.


And while you're here...


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Contact Me -- E-mail me for a free, no-commitment discussion of your business and marketing needs ... or use the links on that page to stay in contact via on Facebook and LinkedIn.



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